Urban Solid Waste Collection Central

Urban Solid Waste Collection Central

Vaillo + Irigaray
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Jose Manuel Cutillas

Urban Solid Waste Collection Central

Vaillo + Irigaray en tant que Architectes.

Bio-morphic architecture and composition

A USWCC is a clean building: a building is able to coexist with other uses of a city is not a building that has to hide: but most of them are factory buildings, industrial, "blind", insensitive to environment.

In this sense we wanted to give this central bio-morphic traits, can accentuate your personality for coexistence: it is a building that looks and smells: it has nose and eye.

His own inner workings -however-, require a noisy guts building: it is necessary to generate a building with different shells and layers of noise protection: it is generated for a building scales. A recognizable coating and fitted with a scale capable of likened by some form of mimesis, perhaps conceptually to the peculiarities of place and "culture" to be generated: ecological culture, a "green culture"

Environmental sensitivity and sustainability

Ripagaina USWCC will serve 5540 housing. It will treat the waste from 214 collection valves.  Hygiene and environmental aspects of the collection center are very important, as there are collected and temporarily stored away more than 5,000 homes' waste. But they are far superior to the conventional collection:

- Savings in operating and maintenance costs per ton of garbage.

- Promotion of selective waste collection and wise use of the collection system, preventing high-volume items, dropping them into containers.

- Elimination of noise and odor, getting rid of the trash at any time of day, avoiding health and hygiene problems arising from the temporary storage of waste.

- Disappearance of traditional collection vehicles and their discomfort (high noise level, air pollution, odors, traffic obstruction ...).

Urban stomach

A USWCC - Urban Solid Waste Collection Central is a big urban stomach: It aspires waste from where they originate, the swallows, separate and compact trucks to evacuate through the various points of treatment, reuse and recycling. Vacuuming and compact are the specific tasks of the plant.

A big sucker managed to introduce waste into the plant through a pipeline, which works great as a small city.

The compact package waste classified in different formats minimized geometric volume.

It also functions as how to waste a great finisher, allowing different types of treatment and recycling.

The central mechanical appliances giant blanket -turbines, decanters, compaction filters,...-, all strung through the same waste - vial waste: underground pipe connection to each household: sphincter of the neighbourhood-

Just as in the bio-logical analogy - a stomach, intestines and some conform sphincter using geometry responsible for paying his intimate workings and the requirement of "flow", the USWCC also stems from their own functional requirements derived radicals and flow mechanics.

In this sense, the format that takes the central role is the result of mechanical and volumetric constraints of both the machine directional flow as it encloses. The geometry takes the envelope function that reproduces the organs and internal movements. The container also distorts the garbage to digest, like make the intestines.


The contorted volume flakes wrapped with the same material, same construction system,-facades and deck- large format sheets (2,5mx1,5m) are composed of leaf-lacquered aluminium can recycling, minimum thickness.

The construction system of the coating is based on a process of "optimization of the coating material" and therefore make their own strain of the thin veneer: it allows and encourages such a strain to generate an image of "scales swollen" capable to provide the appropriate scale to the composition of the pieces that make up the volume, while recalling that all digestion generates swelling due to internal gas of the process. The image of "patchwork" of focusing the intensity desired in the iconography.

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