Urban Facilities Zumalakarregi

Urban Facilities Zumalakarregi

LMU Arkitektura
Llodio, Spain | View Map
Année du projet

Urban facilities

LMU Arkitektura en tant que Architectes.

The project is developed following the demolition of an outdated staircase misfit to the communication conditions required between the two urban plots split by a jump of over 16m .
It involves investing the entropic process terms rather to degradation and progressive disorder and urban unsustainability.
Reprofiling one rock to facilitate their reception sanitation is undertaken structural anchor
About the same a lattice / lattice wood profiles taken from the railway transits that shelters and other user communication fall by rainwater runoff is implanted. A scenic backlit device that manages the rocky wall acknowledgment operating as a light curtain on the urban environment.
Featured it to the extent permitted by ordinance, the elevator collecting own flows of the proposed itinerary and besides few existing local stands were to be connected to different heights. They condition on how the development of the whole volume . Perhaps the most notable of them is burdensome and the ground floor , which should be respected in their location and volume.
The galvanized structure is conceived as modular and bolted for easy assembly .

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