Unlimited Villa

Unlimited Villa


Parisa Esmaili
Damavand, Tehran Province, Iran | View Map
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The Unlimited villa is located in Hasht Behesht, Damavand. The site of the project is located on sloping land. So the architect decided to design a house according to the slope's land and various factors such as wind direction and sunlight. In this way, the house is divided into two blocks and located on the land's topography.
 In addition, Adequate natural light penetrates into the house as well as creating proper ventilation for the indoor space.
One of the prominent features of the project is designing a seven meters console that is associated with a sense of flight and mastery of the environment.
At the same time, the simplicity of the volumes used reinforces a sense of humility in the face of the complex nature of the surroundings.
During the design process, by making the solid volumes lighter and creating full and empty spaces in the volume and turning into green spaces on the floors, we have created an independent identity for the house as much as possible to the surrounding environment.
Another highlights include the combination of green space and interior architecture and using roofs as a courtyard.
Finally, to reach a monumental structure, high complexity and simplicity were designed to achieve high visual appeal.

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