Universidad Latinoamericana

CCA Centro de Colaboración Arquitectónica en tant que Architectes.

The project includes a comprehensive strategy to recover a campus that was originally abandoned. This was presented as a great opportunity: the use of an existing infrastructure originally conceived as an educational space to adapt it to a new model of thinking in accordance with our times.


The original building, oriented from East to West, had a design deficiency due to sunlight, since its corridors and windows face directly south, and did not have any element that will provide the necessary shade to create a suitable environment. Therefore, it was thought the incorporation of an architectural element that could protect these critical spaces for the operation of the campus from the sun. The incorporation of a new lightweight façade was proposed providing a bioclimatic function, as well as a fresh new look to the existing building.


Its façade from the street and its main access were also studied, identifiying the same need to replace the roof corresponding to the public´s patients care area. This orginial façade was completely deteriorated and did not meet the reasonable quality for a clinic serving the general public. The design criteria for the light façade located on the south face was taken as a starting point, repeating this architectural element that completes the overall vision of the university and its relationship with the street and public space.



Team: Bernardo Quinzaños, Begoña Manzano, Santiago Vélez, Miguel Izaguirre, Florencio de Diego, Lorenza Hernández, Carlos Cruz Ay, Javier Castillo
Client: Lottus Education
Constructor: CCA Infraestructura y Desarrollo

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