Unisex Restroom & Lounge - Casa Cor São Paulo

Unisex Restroom & Lounge - Casa Cor São Paulo

Marcio Nascimentto Arquitetura & Interiores
São Paulo, Brazil
Année du projet

Logement social


Trovata Comunicação en tant que Médias.

A space to use personal and intimate union with areas for relaxation and rest, is the proposed architect Marcio Nascimentto to their environment in the Casa Cor 2011, Unisex Restroom & Lounge, where good taste, sophistication, functionality and accessibility mark a harmonious presence.

In conceiving the project of 65m ², the professional sought to interact areas of personal hygiene with the social events. In a pleasant lounge, sofa, armchairs and TV partner with artworks such as sculptures and paintings. A chaise designed by award winning architect himself full glam environment.

The space also be unisex toilet also offers a child and a comfort station, both with special decorations that include wallpaper printed with children's drawings. Another important not forgotten the toilet was turned to accessibility, where a large photo panel inserted inside honors those users.

Approaching the concept of everyday technology, taps the touch-and motion sensor, motorized blinds, LED lamps and boxes unloading Graduate coupled with flow, also allow the conscious use of water and energy, combining modernity with sustainability.

The issue of environmental awareness is enhanced through the floor composed of reforested wood, and painting done with water-based inks. A plot of banana fiber and bamboo poles lining the walls and doors and features a distinctive finish and environmentally friendly.

Two columns of natural orchids, fancy silk-screened on glass in black, came with the elegance and charm of the marble countertop rosso Verona, which supports three basins in front of a large glass with water depth illuminated with LEDs.

A wall covered in travertine marble grits, physically separates the lounge areas for private use. The architect reuse as much prized by the ancient structure, thus producing a lower quantity of debris and waste.

An elegant black beveled mirror wall following a particular frame of marble and reinforces the luxury and refinement found.

Nominated by the professional as gallery golden seven caricatures of celebrities honored this year by the show will be exhibited in a strategic location, all designed by artist Marcelo Padron.

The Unisex Restroom & Lounge includes environments that are part of House Hotel at Casa Cor São Paulo, who turns 25 editions and will be held at the Jockey Club from May 24 to July 12.