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The project “Unión” is an artistic collaboration between the Spanish artist collective Boa Mistura and the Puerto Rican artist Myke Towers.


“Unión” reflects those invisible bonds that connect people and places beyond cultural, racial, or social differences.Music and Art are connecting vectors that cross borders.


The work comprises six abstract, individual pieces, painted in 6 different places (Santo Domingo, Mexico City, Santiago de Chile, Madrid, San Juan, and Medellín). Together, they make up the word UNIÓN.


We carried out the project in March 2021 in the communities of La Zurza in Santo Domingo, Copilco University’s Unidad Habitacional Issste in Mexico City, Renca in Santiago de Chile, La Cañada Real in Madrid, Río Piedras in San Juan and Comuna 13 in Medellín. All of them are now connected through this work. Union of countries, communities and people.


Sport courts are the neighborhoods' hearts. A large part of the community's activities are articulated around them. Courts are squares, stadiums, dance halls, and concert stages.That's why we aim at sport courts as the project's canvas. Because sport is universal.

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