UCLA Ostin Basketball Center

UCLA Ostin Basketball Center

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UCLA Ostin Basketball Center

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Sited on a small triangular lot in the heart of UCLA’s campus, The Mo Ostin Basketball Center is a new 35,000-SF energy-forward joint athletic facility for the university’s men’s and women’s basketball teams. Completed in October 2017, the building was certified LEED Platinum in 2018.


Faced with the challenge of configuring two large NCAA standard practice basketball courts on a constrained site, the design architects chose to place both men and women’s courts on the ground level. Although the typical vertically stacked scheme was explored, the chosen configuration optimized overall court dimensions, met Title IX requirements and provided significant structural and envelope cost savings.


Energy-efficient features include a natural ventilation system that alleviates the need for AC, and a constant daylighting from the northern-facing clerestory skylights; enabled by the arched and undulating roof design, no artificial lighting is necessary during daytime hours.


The exterior view is dominated by angled panels and a tiered waved roofline cut with skylights. The panels, made of glass, fibre, and reinforced concrete, were custom-molded and prefabricated off-site. The Center includes two basketball courts, a weight room and a glazed observation room, as well as lockers and pool facilities.

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