Two for tea

Two for tea

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Luc Roymans

Two for tea

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For the extension of the Corten House, a masterplan was made together with DMOA architects and landscape architect Jo Campo. The combination of Japanese architecture inspired pavilions and a wild swampy garden makes you feel as if being on a holiday in your own garden. The pavilions are connected with the Corten House using a foot bridge that runs through a swamp scattered with water-loving plants and higher grasses.

The pavilions are totally different from the original house, in terms of form, material, height…. The aim was to look for a design with an atmosphere of a lodge or a holiday home and therefore to cut with the strict lines of the original house and look for a warmer materialization. Using wood, painted black with a Swedish painting technique, and a black bitumen gable roof, the buildings have their own character, but it keeps a subtleness towards the green garden and the strong rhythm of the steel slats of the Corten House.

A low hanging canopy and the green bush, surrounding the buildings ensures the feeling of a safe haven, the feeling of being somewhere else in your own familiar environment.  


Material Used:
1. Facade cladding: Thermowood pine + Falu Rödfärg trafasad painting - black
2. Flooring: Pavilion 1 = concrete plate + Pavilion 2 = Vandemoortel brick 
3. Doors: Sliding doors using ROB profiles + Thermowood pine 
4. Windows: laminated Framiré + Falu Rödfärg trafasad painting
5. Roofing: Bitumen roofing – De Boer DUO high tech black 
6. Interior lighting: porcelain pendant lamps – La neige by Coup-de-foudre 
7. Interior furniture: Bar/Countertop: Made by Tkartel – designed by DMOA architects

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Fiche technique du produit

RoofingDe Boer nv
Porcelain pendant lampsCoup-de-foudre
Facade claddingFalu Rodfarg
Fiche technique du produit
DuO High Tech 4 AGR/F C180 FC by De Boer nv
Porcelain pendant lamps
Facade cladding
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