José Manuel Cutillas


Otxotorena Arquitectos S.L. en tant que Architectes.

The building occupies a plot of singular geometry: the available space has the form of an almost equilateral triangle, whose façades are defined by urban roads of different character. On one side there is the way that surrounds the building and the only road access; on the other side, the volume offers a second façade to a pedestrian street, while the third one overlooking the park leads down to a creek. Moreover, the plot has a significant slope in the north-south direction so that the highest point is in the southern corner plot, with a total drop of almost two meters. Due to the characteristics of the urban environment, all accesses are concentrated in the southwest façade. This circumstance determines the functional organization of the building, from the point of view of its use and treatment in terms of accessibility and comfort, spaciousness and image. So, the access road to the basement of the building is at the lowest point of the plot to minimize the impact of the ramp. The police office gate stands in the road access façade. The main entrance is also on the south, although it is separated from the corner to rise and facilitate the accessibility of the whole uses. Next to it, it is placed the Police Court access. Finally, in the pedestrian way, appears an emergency exit that could be used, if so decided, as access point court personnel.

The location and distribution of hits obviously refers directly to the organization of the circulations of the building and the determination of its areas of use, issues that are closely related.

The shape of the plot outwardly causes a compact volume. Therefore, the first decision is the introduction of a void in the heart of the block which is configured as a covered patio that introduces light into the center of the building and turn contains the main staircase of the building. The various uses of the building are arranged around this patio which is formally defined as a triangle parallel to the outer alignments. The external appearance of the building just collects the organization described. Each plant is treated with an external image that responds to internal organization, all wrapped in a veneer micro precast prestressed concrete façade, creating a ventilation space, and disappearing in designated areas such as waiting rooms, offices or other uses. Where there are different vents or louvers for protection of views, and metal frames with safety glass. The main entrance is marked with a double height porch where a small glass box containing the entrance gate is inserted. At the top of the porch flags are located.

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