Troy Museum Architectural Project Competition

Troy Museum Architectural Project Competition

YEGENA architectural design and colsulting
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Civilizations of Troy

YEGENA architectural design and colsulting en tant que Architectes.

The vertically layered structure of Troy brings in its historical depth. The museum which is considered as the last one of the layers which lay one over another in Troy takes place as platform between the artifacts from Troy’s past and today in an historical intersection. The platform provides the visitors the chance to monitor the events that were staged in the past and at the same time it happens to be the stage itself in our time.In terms of the relationship the construction shall establish with the ruin and with the environment; monumentality, simplicity, invisibility, respectfulness are the main principles. The events between the ruins and the Beşik Bay cause the “staging” platform to be directed. A better presentation of the area’s scientific and mythological value shall only be possible when it is represented better. The museum is a “stage platform” which has been formed to sense and realize these values and by which Troy itself is understood.The plane is directed towards the Karamenderes lowland and attracts the viewers attention on itself by getting positioned against the coming direction of Achaeans. On the high parapet windows on its terrace, Troy’s story is told. Regional trips and ruin trips start on this platform and preliminary information is provided on this platform. The entrance to the museum directs the visitors to the underground. The tears on its curtains symbolizes the disappearance and emergence of civilizations in Troy and the curtain allows them to walk around within the venues; and then, it directs them, along the water and through the olive groves, towards the coming direction of Achaeans, the Beşik Bay, but this time for a different reason…

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