Travertine stair

Travertine stair

Jamie Fobert Architects

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Travertine Stair

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The Travertine Stair was the focal point of an ambitious residential project which sought to unite two apartments in a listed building in central London. Our client wished to have a comfortable home suitable for entertaining.

Inserted into the double-height volume created in the existing floor plates, the new staircase was conceived as a bold, sculpted form. The stair is a self-supporting, solid stone construction with a strong yet graceful presence. Large blocks were carved into units of three stairs each, giving the stair a clear tectonic that required master stonemasons of real skill. A rare and beautiful silver-grey travertine was used both for the stair itself and for the floors throughout the project, chosen for its varied layering and colour tone.

Our design engages the conversation of the original concrete structure, fundamentally embodying the idea of flexible living. Our intent was to enhance the listed building and restore the grandeur of materials and finishes in the apartment. This project demonstrates a commitment to the precise resolution of tectonic details and a strong focus on materiality. In spite of its underlying complexity, the architecture achieves a calm simplicity.

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