Translational Research Institute

Translational Research Institute

Wilson Architects

Donovan Hill
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia | View Map
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Christopher Frederick Jones

Translational Research Institute – Wilson Architects + Donovan Hill

Wilson Architects en tant que Architectes.

Translational Research Institute (TRI) is conceived as a series of interconnected places to enable a community of research, from the intimate to the expansive, the building acknowledges the diverse communities that make up TRI. It enables both the intensity of scientific research and a range of opportunities for collaboration. The often functional and featureless laboratory is elevated as a very human place for people who work at the highest level in the pursuit of scientific discovery. Careful fabrication of the building gives a crafted finesse to a setting which has an industrial set of expectations.

Framed within its great window, the outdoor room provides a civic place at the scale of a city and delivers respite from the intensity of research. This memorable landscaped room contributes to the identity and workplace environment while adding significant space to the network of communal places.

Exterior and interior spaces are inextricably connected and their boundaries deliberately blurred. Despite the immense size of this facility, the diversity in work and social spaces have been calibrated to a human scale and encourage occupation and perambulation. The high quality finish throughout reflects the esteemed status of science.

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