Touch of Time - Tube in Tschumi

Lambert Kamps
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Touch of Time - Tube in Tschumi

Lambert Kamps en tant que Concepteurs.

Touch of Time is a digital clock installation that was part of the Amsterdam Light Festival #6.

The segments of the 4 digits of the clock are created by pneumatic steered tube lamps, these lamps consist of two tubes, one is light tight and the other one emits light. The lamps were originally developed as a mechanical light dimming system, but the movement gave more interesting possibilities.  By pulling the light emitting one in or out the light tight one it creates one of the seven segments of the digit.

photo_credit Janus van den Eijnden
Janus van den Eijnden
photo_credit Janus van den Eijnden
Janus van den Eijnden

The location of the installation was just in front of the main railroad station of the city. People were in a rush to cats a train or just arriving for a meeting or to start their holidays. Every person is having a different perspective of time in that area and that is what Touch of Time was reflecting on. The installation showed time in different ways; faster, slowing down, counting up and down, mirror wise and also in a negative. Besides that, clock displayed geometric patterns that reflected on the surrounding architecture on the site.

photo_credit Lambert kamps
Lambert kamps
photo_credit Bjorn Eerkes
Bjorn Eerkes

Right now the clock display developed further on in a digital text display in the Tschumi Pavillion in Groningen (NL). It presents the work from divers poets to the people passing by on the street.

photo_credit Bjorn Eerkes
Bjorn Eerkes

Material Used :
1. Pneumatics by Aventics
2. Custom made software/hardware by Robinion
3. Aluminium frame work 
4. Pneumatics
5. Led

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