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Pininfarina's Torre Designo, An Ultra Premium Commercial Tower in Mexico City

PININFARINA en tant que Concepteurs.

International design firm Pininfarina, known around the world for bringing its distinct automotive heritage and sleek aesthetic to the built environment, is pleased to announce its latest project, a two-tower corporate office building design titled 'Torre Designo' for Grupo Bosque Real, a real estate investment and management company based in Mexico City.  Located within Bosque Real's six million square-meter, privately owned commercial development, Torre Designo will be the latest addition to one of the most premium neighborhoods in the outskirts of Mexico City. Surrounded by the natural foliage of the landscape and extensive views of the Capital, Torre Designo's two towers rise from a dynamic topography of hills and canyons that seamlessly blend into the surrounding environment. 


"We are extremely honored to partner with a firm of such high prestige as Pininfarina in the creation of Torre Designo, which will serve as the first office building within the Bosque Real Development," says 

Moises Salame, Vice President of New Projects for Grupo Bosque Real. "Torre Designo represents an exciting first step into the creation of an office corridor in this part of the Metropolitan area –– a critical piece in the puzzle of our greater vision."


“Our vision for the Torre Designo towers was centered around the idea of providing a high-end, human-first experience, while complementing the mission of Bosque Real's existing, full mixed-use development,” says Paolo Trevisan, Pininfarina’s Head of Design and Architecture, echoing Salame's sentiments about the forthcoming project's impact on the surrounding community.  


Working alongside architecture and interior design firm, SPACE, Pininfarina’s architectural design concept for the office building encapsulates the two commercial towers featuring 45,000-square-meters of office space and a 5,7000square-meter lower retail level, offering a high-end, community-oriented campus, seeking to support the nearly 4,000 residents that live within the existing residential areas surrounding Torre Designo. In keeping with Pininfarina's ethos of balancing beauty with functionality, the architecture of the two-pronged structure elevates the user experience by leveraging the beauty of Mexico City. From afar, Torre Designo's high-rise towers are an icon, serving as a gateway that signifies the departure from the capital city and entry into Bosque Real's exclusive, lush development. From a proximity, Pininfarina's design blends nature and modernity, blurring the lines with materials and shapes that relate to its immediate context. 

“Our team was very focused on enhancing the quality of life for those who use the office building,” emphasizes Jairo Vives, Lead Architect at Pininfarina of America. “This resulted in the incorporation of various green spaces, as well as distinct moments where views of Bosque Real can be celebrated. We also paid special attention to the selection of nature-friendly materials.” Recalling the vast amount of greenspace present within the growing neighborhood below, lush, sky-high gardens and a rooftop terrace are incorporated to offer tenants and visitors a moment of reflection and reprieve throughout the day, while changing the perception of the typical office building.


Despite its location on the edge of Mexico City, the development still provides easy access to key sections of the city, offering the rare combination of office space surrounded by natural landscape, while in the proximity of urban amenities and nearby airports. Coldwell Banker has partnered with Bosque Real to support sales and leasing efforts for Torre Designo, which are currently open for interested parties and is slated for completion in 2023. “Torre Designo hallmarks a significant achievement of Pininfarina’s expansion into the Mexico market,” says Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of Pininfarina. “Adhering to the belief that design is the instrument to humanize innovation, our design team focused on thoughtful schemes and user-centric concepts, while also providing an high-end commercial space for the surrounding community.”

"We are continually innovating based on evolving market needs, and with Torre Designo we are staying ahead of the curve by offering the trifecta of a fantastic life-style: Live, Work & Play," says Leon Salame, Vice President of Projects for Grupo Bosque Real.

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