Toranoko Nursery - A small nursery with a big roof

Toranoko Nursery - A small nursery with a big roof

Takashige Yamashita Office
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ÉlémentMarqueProduct Name
Kids urinalTOTO
Kids basinABC Trading
Exterior wallAICA
LED upper lightDAIKO
Wall Paintingmicrocomachiko

Fiche technique du produit
Kids urinal
Kids basin
Exterior wall
LED upper light
by IOC
Wall Painting

Toranoko Nursery -A small nursery with a big roof

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A small nursery with a big roof The project is a small nursery in Yamanashi prefecture, Japan.

Most of the local residents are aged, living with small houses and farms scattered in the area. Along with a spectacular view of Mt. Fuji, the town creates a peaceful, but a bit deserted atmosphere.

The client operates three assisted-living facilities for elderlies around the site. The initial idea about building a public place for the patients and the locals was further specified to create a lounge and a nursery to take care of the children of the town. On top of the requirement, we wanted the project to become a trigger to infuse life into the desolate neighborhood and further flourish the local community.

Located in the center of the enclosed site, the roofs are slightly positioned in various angles, opening towards all possible directions to allow physical and visual approach of anybody from any route. Gentle curvature of each roof creates a sequence of scenery, dividing garden, lounge, lunchroom, nursing room and office, while the spaces are still kept connected as one.

Children playing around, elderlies taking a rest, mothers chatting with each other, and cats basking in the sun – there is a place for everyone under the roof.

Toranoko nursery is designed in hopes of creating a core space of the community where people would gather around, as if under a big tree.

Structural system In order to achieve thin and light roofs, 50x50 laminated veneer lumber (LVL) was used to produce the curvature of the structural ribs in 90 different shapes, which were sandwiched between two layers of 9mm structural plywood. The roof covers a large span of maximum 10m by just 86mm thickness without any supporting elements midspan. Steel portal frame by H-100x100 sets boun-dary between rooms, over which the LVL ribs span.

A soft and light curvature of the roof is achieved by utilizing wood, which can easily be manipulated into variety of form and size effectively. It thus would create a big open space filled with a warm atmosphere.

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