Tiruchirappalli International Airport, New Terminal

Pascall+Watson en tant que Architectes.

The design for Tiruchirappalli Airport creates a powerful architectural symbol for the state of Tamil Nadu.


The design for Tiruchirappalli (Trichy) International Airport fuses references from the city’s local heritage and culture with a contemporary palette of materials to create a unique sense of place and identity.


The expressive roof form and multi-layered facade take inspiration from the geometry, textures and colours of Trichy’s traditional temple architecture. Generous natural light and lush landscaped gardens bring a calming backdrop to the expansive forecourt and arrivals concourse, which lead to the streamlined passenger processing facilities and departures lounge.


Climatic constraints, local customs and specific Indian security processes have been considered and are reflected in the aesthetic, planning and structural solutions.


The GRIHA Four Star rated design utilises renewable energy measures such as rainwater harvesting, ground source heat pumps and photovoltaic panels.

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