Tiny office pavilion in Vught

Tiny office pavilion in Vught

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Jeroen Musch

Tiny office pavilion in Vught

Studio Prototype en tant que Building management & Interior Designer.

In a park-like environment at the Rondeweg in Vught, a villa was built in the thirties out of the characteristic red bricks of that time. The quality of the park-like surrounding is continued in the design within the lot of the existing house. As part of this ‘new park’, two pavilions have been designed: the tine office pavilion and a teahouse pavilion, both subtly connecting with the existing residential house. Both pavilions have their own identity and material characteristics, creating an interaction within the total concept.


The office pavilion is designed as a transparent pavilion, causing the spatial experience of the garden until the plinth zone of the pavilion. The modest and slant roof is hollow on the inside, creating a specific spatial quality in each space. The structure of the pavilion is organized around a closed facility block, strategically positioned within an open free work- and reception space. This block contains a couple of facilities such as a pantry, lavatory and a firewood place. In the middle of the block a bedstead is positioned, serving as a space for relaxation or as a spiritual space. The rooflight, in combination with the modest wooden wallcovering, create a sacral experience.


The materialization of the pavilion connects as much as possible with the existing residential house. The concrete plinth and copper roof grade colorwise with the typical red bricks of the house. The façade of the pavilion is made entirely out of glass in Iroko wooden frames, creating a strong inside outside relation, between nature and interior and between existing and new.


The teahouse pavilion is built out of an open braided pattern of steel, also functioning as the construction of the pavilion, thus creating a pavilion free of columns. The round roof of the pavilion exists out of double curved glass parts, connecting with the steel substructure. The braided steel elements are taken over by the greenery, creating a beautiful symbiose between the greenery of the park and the open structure of the pavilion.

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Building management & Interior Designer
Landscape Architect
Building service consultant, building physics
Structural Engineer
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