Three Urban Itineraries at the Centre of Madrid

Three Urban Itineraries at the Centre of Madrid

Madrid, Spain
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Three Urban Itineraries at the Centre of Madrid

estudioOCA en tant que Architectes paysagistes.

Using a modern language, expressive, free of excesses, the proposal consists of a series of prototypical interventions, applicable to all three itineraries of the competition. It is based in the different uses of the streets: vehicles and pedestrians, transit and commercial neighbourhood or pedestrian only. Interventions involve the design of streets, trees and urban accessories. Some of the interventions are: removal of architectural barriers for the disabled; widening of sidewalks and planting trees at the wider streets, creating plazas and places to rest and privately with shade; removal of curbs and levelling of roads; use of pavements differentiated by the material, colour and texture; use of ornamental designs on the pavement of the road intersections, indicating the movement of pedestrians, cyclists or cars. The trees based on size, adaptability, color and texture would be, if possible, native species, such as Arbutus unedo, Madrone. Some elements of the urban accesories have been designed for this project: lights, beacons and iron planters.

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