Three Trees House

Three Trees House

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Three Trees House

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Spread over 2.5 acres with a 17,000 sq ft area, the Three Trees farmhouse in New Delhi is designed with an intention to forge a connection with its natural surroundings. The expansive lawns and trees on the site served as the focal points. Elaborating on the brief received from the client Bharat Sawhney, who was also the developer and builder, Arora says, “It was his vision to create a house centred on the existing landscape and also preserve all the existing trees. He wanted to enjoy the natural settings in close proximity of the house.”

The farmhouse comprises two main blocks; an east facing front one and a west facing rear one,connected by a transparent staircase block. This creates the framework for a central courtyard, where an existing flowering tree set beside a reflective pool becomes the visual centre piece for the entire house. Various rooms of the house face this courtyard. In this project, the desire was to frame the existing natural elements, which is what generated the spatial layout.

Visitors to the house enter through the eastern front block, which houses the entry lobby and other public areas like the bar, living room and kitchen. With glass windows on three sides, the formal living room is the first manifestation of the visual connectivity that runs throughout the house. To the east, it fronts onto the expansive front lawn, while to the west it opens out onto the intimate central courtyard. It is this ephemeral quality of transparency and a seamless transition between the built and the open environments that echoes through the design of this project. Serving as a bridge between the two main blocks of the house is the staircase block. Offering panoramic views of the gardens to one side and the

central courtyard to the other, the block contains the sculptural staircase that rises upwards from a gravel bed.

The private spaces of the house are situated in the rear western block. The master bedroom, family lounge and prayer room are all located here. Once again, the central courtyard is visually connected to most rooms, thereby becoming the focal point. The double-height family living room in this block was created as an informal entertainment area and visually frames the pool deck and the central courtyard. The layout of the house was conceived as a narrative of unfolding spaces and views; both inside and outside. The desire to connect the tree and court to the rest of the house resulted in a highly transparent threshold Tying together the seemingly scattered elements of the house is the landscape design and material palette. The landscaping  incorporates a monolithic aesthetic for the outdoor areas to create a deliberate counterpoint to the lush greenery of the lawns. The steel grey granite paving, gravel court and wooden pool decks serve as unifying elements along with the predominantly white stucco facade. The central courtyard, with its varied elements, engages with the house’s transparent threshold. 

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