The Tokyo Toilet

The Tokyo Toilet

Toyo Ito
Tokyo, Japan | View Map
Année du projet
Courtesy of the Nippon Foundation

Three Mushrooms

Toyo Ito en tant que Architectes.

This toilet looks like three mushrooms born from the forest of Daiyodai Koban Shrine. It is located along the hillside at the bottom of the stairs that lead to the shrine. Toyo Ito & Associates chose an expression reminiscent of mushrooms to harmonize with the forest behind. 

The design of the restrooms is based on the idea that they are not only private, but also have a high degree of security. The size of each private room has been increased. Each private room is spacious enough to allow functions for elderly people and those with children, which used to be concentrated in the multi-purpose toilets.

The multi-purpose toilets functionalities are redistributed over the men's and women's rooms, making it easier for a variety of users to use as the public toilet.

photo_credit Courtesy of the Nippon Foundation
Courtesy of the Nippon Foundation


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