The Strong Neighborhood of Play

The Strong Neighborhood of Play

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The Strong Neighborhood of Play

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The Inner Loop was a below grade freeway that wrapped around the city of Rochester. No longer needed, it was seen as a divider between downtown and the rest of the city. Piece by piece the freeway was filled no longer severing surrounding neighborhoods from the city center. The construction of Union Street was completed in December of 2017, with anticipated new development in the area.


The Strong museum, Konar Properties, and Indus Hospitality Group are creating ‚The Strong Neighborhood of Play‘—a world-class destination that is an inclusive, connected, fun, walkable, green place to live, work, and play; that appeals to all ages; and that intersects with the energy and creativity of the Downtown Innovation Zone. 


Key elements of the project are:

· A new 100,000-square-foot museum wing housing a new, multi-faceted entertainment destination featuring the museum’s World Video Game Hall of Fame 

· 250 units of market-rent housing

· 17,000 square feet of urban-mix retail

· A 125-room all-suites national brand hotel and restaurant

· An attractive, easily accessible, but discreetly located 1,000-car parking garage

· A new two-way street linking Woodbury Boulevard and Manhattan Square Drive to Union Street

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