The Sounding Space

The Sounding Space

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Leonas Garbaciauskas
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FabricantsMagis spa
FabricantsLEDS C4

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by Duravit
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The Sounding Space

Prusta en tant que Architectes.

This spacious interior of this house harmoniously combines delicious interior highlights: Open monolithic construction and natural greyish wood become a beautiful background for the vivid oriental pieces. White marble, black metal, glass, stainless steel, soft textile inserts, aged wood - here everything is alive, natural and very real.

The four-person family had chosen to live in the residential district of Vilnius which is surrounded by the remarkable beauty and tranquillity of the forest. One of the goals for the new interior was to create stylistically uncluttered space that is suitable for already existing furniture peaces and interior elements such as old cupboards, tables, chairs and carpets. As those things are quite vivid and warm colours dominant, so walls, ceilings and floor colours should have been as neutral as possible and also in cool shades.

It was not intended to create traditionally perceived minimalism – rather it was an attempt to create a space which reveals objects functional and decorative features, as well as people who are living here individuality and distinctive characters. The interior combines contradictory, but complementary stylistic trends: minimalism, modernism and industrial oriented ethnic style with oriental elements.

The main principal of this house interior concept is not the separate elements, but rather their interaction: minimalist walls, ceiling and floor solutions are such that highlights some specific interior accents. So, first of all, dialogues between different textures such as wood and concrete, stone (Italian slate) and wood, white marble and concrete are created here.

Creating the interior for a family housing, it is always tempting to reveal hobbies and interest of the people who will live here. Probably, Kitchen area is the space that reflects owners hobbies most of all. It recalls the real restaurant's cuisine: the powerful industrial hood is used here, larger than a standard gas cooker, steel cabinets and worktops. Such furniture is very functional - it is hygienic and easy to maintain.

Another hobby of the inhabitants of this house is - travelling. It is quite distinctly revealed by the textile elements that are exhibited in different spaces the house. Most carpets and tapestries were brought from travelling in Africa, the Middle and the Far East, Asia and other countries.

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