The sky is the limit

The sky is the limit

derksen|windt architecten
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The sky is the limit

derksen|windt architecten en tant que Architectes.

The Aludesign panels make it possible for a designer to customize a façade tohis or her own sense. This way, an old and outdated façade can beredesigned by placing a life-size image onto it, as if you would stick an hugesticker on the façade.

This design shows off this transforming quality, literally. A large image of atypical Dutch sky will be printed in high quality on top of the facade. Only afragment of the old façade remains visible, at the part where the ‘sticker’ hasnot been stuck yet. The curled corner at the bottom right of the façadeemphasizes this sticker effect.

The image of a blue sky represents the unlimited possibilities of these largealuminum panels. After all, the sky is the limit. It will seem as if the old andstandard factory façade completely disappears , because the printed panelsmake the façade visually a part of the sky and no longer a part of thebuilding.

Visitors will have to take a second look at the deceptive façade when theyare passing by, to see if it is a façade or just an illusion. It will also seem as ifthere is just a thin layer applied on top of the old façade. Only when thevisitor comes closer, he will discover that all of this effect is possible withaluminum panels.

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