Progetto CMR en tant que Architectes d'intérieur.

The project relates to the realization of a new innovative building complex and the upgrading of an industrial area of more than 25,000 m² dating to the 1950s.
The intervention has interested both the architecture and to a broader extent the urban area, with the goal of reuniting the area to the surrounding context, allowing it to return to being part of the fabric of the district, improving its global quality. The façades of the three new buildings, designed to transmit the concept of innovation, are characterised by the presence of a series of golden strips which alternate with the transparencies of the glass in a lively and vibrant sequence with movements of volumes. The common thread of the intervention is the Sign, a transparent fracture which runs along the façades of
the buildings and continues in the paving of the Smart Square onto which they face, making the paving in stone take on a darker colour highlighted by a luminous vein made of recessed led lighting. The architecture and the central square of 4,000 m², refreshed by the presence of trees and rich in technological equipment, are conceived as a recognisable sign of the urban scenario.

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