The Pit and the Pendulum

The Pit and the Pendulum

Vizdome Space

Maisons privées

Boudoir in private house

Vizdome Space en tant que Architectes.

Boudoir is a territory where lady could think, relax and receive her friends. Audience in the boudoir always looked like theatre performance where boudoir hostess was a main character. So how is the territory of real a bit scandalous diva looking today?  

Firstly, conception of boudoir needs some imagery and decorativeness. Since a diva has to be impressing. When a guest enters the room, he/she immediately drew attention to the stairs that lead to the cot that is raised like an altar. Above the cot there is the chandelier that looks like the pendulum from Edgar Poe’s story. Just imagine emotions of one who sees sophisticated mistress of boudoir on the cot!

Real dramatic play where heroine is the one and only! Or another scenario – the diva emerges from the water of the swimming pool like real Aphrodite! Even the entrance is like an entrance to the temple of ancient goddess. Centuries have passed since its youth, its walls are ivy-covered, but there still is the fire at the entry to this sacral space.       

Secondly, modern boudoir must be exclusive. Every corner of the room has to contain individuality of its hostess. Therefore the chair, the cot, the dresser and even the lights and the fireplaces are designed individually.

Materials are the third component. Because we need materials with certain properties to realize an idea like that. Everything must be not only pleasing to the eye but also perfect to the touch.

When we have all these components together, the result has to be amazing. And the important thing is that the lovely lady will be satisfied.    


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