The Pedestrian Skywalk

The Pedestrian Skywalk

Chaukor Studio
delhi, India
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The Pedestrian Skywalk

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Over-all Brief: The development of various public transport modes in the metropolitan city of Delhi like railway line, Delhi metro, bus stops and auto-rickshaw stands has increased the number of pedestrians on the roads. Due to no proper walking space for the pedestrians on most of the major road junctions in the city, the intersection of the vehicular traffic with the pedestrians causes a call for alarm towards the safety of the people. Is there an eco-friendly approach to address this problem without further compromising the safety of pedestrians and also help in revitalizing the city? Design Philosophy: There is a critical need to segregate the pedestrian movement from the vehicular in order to reduce the amount of chaos in some areas of Delhi. In the present times, Delhi metro serves as the bloodline of the city and has become a boon for all the people who commute daily. It has made commuting affordable, comfortable and safe. Though the Delhi Metro has consumed land with high real estate value, green spaces and public plazas, yet the space along the metro track remains underutilized.

The concept is to revitalize the space along the metro lines and utilize it to generate green eco-friendly skywalk which could separate the pedestrians from the vehicular movement in heavy traffic regions and will also add to an overall experience to the people of Delhi. This will not only revitalize the populated centers but also create an identity for the new smart city.

Segregation between pedestrian and vehicular traffic is achieved through the integration of a foot-over-bridge to the existing metro track. The vehicular roads, pavements, street lights and other public infrastructure are already working in conjunction with the metro track; thus minor modifications are required to construct any structure along the existing line.

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