The Mysig Apartment

The Mysig Apartment

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PU and Duco Paint, Asian Royale by Asian Paints
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The Mysig Apartment

Spaxis Design en tant que Architectes d'intérieur.

Sanjana Kanatwala and Helly Shah of Spaxis Design took on the project of making a newly bought 3BHK apartment- a Home. Aptly titled "Mysig" that translates to cosy and comfortable in Swedish, this home is a reflection of its proud homeowners-intergrating their style and personalities in the design.


The neutral tone of the design gives the house a homely feel, and the pop of choiceful colours is like a cherry on the cake – giving it the right balance of artsy and homey. The in-house designed woodwork allowed for the design to blend and make the overall design look cohesive.

The living room, with a wooden partition that provides for both, privacy for the dining area and a focal point in the room, is simple and elegant. The plush sofa set reaffirms the coziness of the home, while the colourful armchair gives the room the required colour. This room is a utopia for the family to retire for the evening, watch TV or simply lounge on the sofa, talking about their day.

The balcony, another cosy nook in the home, is basically an extension of the living room. With a beautiful wooden swing and a few potted plants, this space seems like the most intimate place to have the evening coffee on a rainy day.

With the homeowners’ love for plants, it was only fitting to add a beautiful ceiling feature to the dining room. It not only breaks the monotony, but also acts as an impeccable backdrop for the asymmetrical lightings.

The Master Bedroom, with clean lines and minimalist furniture, has the bed as the focal point. The distinctive headboard that seamlessly merges with the textured wall makes for a dreamy visage. The indirect lighting only adds to the calm ambience of the room. 

The design, while predominantly has contemporary aesthetics, is also peppered with a few tasteful traditional highlights. The most intriguing, perhaps, is the restoration of an eighty year old bed, and how it was chastely incorporated in the design so as not to clash, but to blend with the flow of the design. While the tone is neutral, keeping in check with the overall theme of the house, the use of cane in the furniture surely makes the room interesting and chic. A true heaven for the grand parents in the family.

This multipurpose room doubles as a study room. With the cubby holes on the wall acting as the perfect storage as well as an aesthetic solution, the sofa cum bed saves space and adds utility to the room. The white, grey and sea green tones in the room make it a serene environment to work, or for the guests to sleep in.

“This wasn’t just a design concept for us. It was about delivering on the promise of giving a family a home that reflects their personality – individually, and as a family. It was all about getting to know that, and knowing how to work it gracefully in our designs,” say Sanjana and Helly. 

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