The Monarch III

The Monarch III

Powerhouse Company
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Quiet urban areas with a view

Solarlux en tant que Balcony Glazing.

In the centre of The Hague’s Beatrixkwartier financial district, a new residential area has been created. Two new 70-metre-tall towers now house 248 rental flats, as well as dining facilities at ground level. The Monarchen III residential blocks, which were designed by architects’ bureau Powerhouse Company, fulfil the local demand for affordable, high-quality apartments in one of the city’s prime locations. The ensemble of buildings offers unparalleled views of The Hague’s skyline and the Haagse Bos park. With this in mind, a transparent facade design was at the heart of the architectural concept for the project. It was also important to ensure that the residential units were protected from the noise of the nearby motorway, main road and metro line. 


Transparency and sound insulation, hand-in-hand

In order to make life in the buildings as comfortable as possible for their residents, special sound insulation measures were incorporated into the design. An additional, sound-absorbing glass front was place in front of the openings to the bedrooms in order to provide the extra quiet required in these spaces. The living rooms connect directly to the balconies, which are fully glazed to provide a noise insulation buffer zone in front of the facade itself and the living area beyond. In addition to this, the glazing on the balconies can be opened and closed flexibly, so they can be used all year round. Combined with the glass balustrade, the frameless glass elements offer an unobstructed view of the city’s highlights, and from some of the apartments you can even see the pier at the Schneveningen beach. Thanks to its optimum sound insulation, incredible functional flexibility and the high level of transparency it offers, the balcony glazing really helps to increase the appeal of the towers as an attractive place to live. 


The all-glass balconies have been brought to life using the SL 25 slide-and-turn-system provided by Solarlux, the specialist for moving windows and facade solutions. The frameless balcony glazing keeps out rain, wind, and noise up to a level of 22 dB. Mounted on the glass balustrade, the panes can be moved to the side one at a time and turned open to form a bundle that locks in place at a right angle and remains secure even in heavy winds. As a result, the pergola can be used all year round, effectively giving the residents even more living space. In total, the building is bejewelled with 1250 of the moving glass elements.

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