The Jagged House

The Jagged House

Shaili Banker Architects
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India | View Map
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The Jagged House

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Set in a dense urban neighborhood, this small family home is situated on a quiet street in the city of Ahmedabad. One of the main challenges here was to provide the house with maximum possible privacy while also permitting natural light and ventilation. For this purpose skewed planes of reinforced cement concrete and glass were employed. Each of these external surfaces of the house were made either opaque to provide privacy or transparent to permit natural light and ventilation. 


Several cardboard models were made to understand these surfaces and how its location and orientation will permit natural light throughout the day. Folds and half cuts of the cardboard became the exposed reinforced concrete surfaces, whereas the gap and punctures in between was where the glass was placed for allowing natural light inside. Moreover the summers being extremely hot, the location of the glass in the exterior was key to providing openable windows for cross ventilation.


Additionally, the sun path was studied to understand the light penetrating inside the house during the day. This sun path determined where the exposed reinforced concrete surface was to be placed so that selective light would enter the house.


The reinforced cement concrete planes comprising the exterior of the house were kept exposed so that it doesn’t intrude with the urban fabric. The façade was thus designed to not be intrusive to the it’s surroundings but at the same time provide extreme privacy and avoid interaction.


The interior however has a very colorful palette creating a contrast to the grey exterior. These colors come to life slowly as the sunlight penetrates and fills up each of these spaces. First is the living room and the foyer that lights up with sunshine due to the tall double height glass windows. While around noon the waterfall and the patio outside the dining is flooded with light such that, the dining room gets lit indirectly just in time for lunch. The waterfall outside the dining provides a soothing view of water cascading down in the brightly lit noon light.


With a total of five bedrooms, three of them have the street view. Since the house has sunlight pouring in all throughout the day, its interior surfaces rendered with an extensive use of color come to life and create a vibrant atmosphere. A small covered terrace on the second floor allows small private social gatherings away from the street level. 


Architecture Firm: Shaili Banker Architects


Contact e-mail:

Firm Location: 13, Paradise Apt, Dr. Vikram Sarabhai Road, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad 380009, Gujarat, India

Completion Year: 2019

Gross Built Area: 3500 sq.ft.

Project location: Ahmedabad, India

Lead Architects: Shaili Banker

Lead Architects e-mail:

Photo credits: Umang Shah                 

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