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The Infinite Frames

The Interior Workshop en tant que Architectes.

Specialising in exquisite taste, unparalleled service and unmatched quality, we at the interior WORKSHOP lend our collaborative expertise and passion to design each project with utmost dedication and uniqueness, turning any space into a powerful expression of the client client’s personalitypersonality. Our firm believes in delivering a reliable and comfortable experience combining enthusiasm and innovation innovation. We try to strike a balance between form and function and make the design process exciting exciting. Our recent residential project in the city of the rising sun, Surat was a delightful experience where we challenged our potential to a new level level. Sticking to the area constraints with plot dimensions of 50 50’ X 48’, a lot of thought went into creating the best out of the space space. Since, there was a lack of open and breathing spaces with only built mass around, the client wanted us to create something magical that suits their requirement of greenery and gives them a sense of belonging belonging. Daylight, ventilation, interconnectedness and privacy thus inform the design of this house with the layout being organized such that the private zone is on the inner side and the family spends most of their time in the area in the front.

A combination of exposed brick and exposed RCC along with large sized glass windows, we have channelized our efforts into making of the main compositional structure of the house and created a multilevel altitude altitude. The blocks have varying heights according to the function function. The welcoming zone is the double heighted living space, with bedrooms on the middle floor and the service zone being the lowest, thus making the whole structure three storeyedstoreyed. The client client’s belief in the vastu led us to construct the built mass on the eastern side and leave the west direction open and beautiful with green spaces spaces.

The contemporary Rustic Rustic-Expose Style was our go to design style for this residence because of its simplistic charm balanced with a combination of the modern aesthetic aesthetic. These characteristics long for the use of natural unfinished materials, hence persuading us to use brick brick. They display a softsoft-mellow aged tone on their regular faded edges edges.A free free-space plan was employed that was logically divided into zones to make it accessible and safe at the same time.

To complement the exposed brickwork, the public spaces have been completed with autumnal autumnal-toned furniturefurniture.NaturalNatural-colored finishes feature throughout the rest of the house , with wooden cabinets and tables teamed with stone flooring and areas of exposed concrete concrete. The thinnest, deepest and most beloved part of this project is the hallway and the staircase area area. There are two different staircases from the ground to the first aiming to create a real piece of art art. To do this, we did not only combine several natural materials that are complex in their union but also gathered contractors who had to think like real artists artists. Wood and metal have been brought together in an interesting and captivating way to build the staircase.

The Open concept allows natural light from floor floor-toto-ceiling windows to illuminate every part of the space space. The calm palette in the interior is equipped entirely with a variety of iconic Italian furniture furniture. This includes a luxurious corner sofa and armchairs in the mustard color which makes it look trendy along with a classic coffee table placed in the living room room. As far as the master bedroom is concerned, a bed bed-sculpture has been imported which has great volume and proportion; with an incredibly soft headboard that makes it comfortable to lay on on. The island kitchen is both stylish and functional completing the aesthetic of the cooking area area. An elegant amalgamation of warm and cool colors has been used in different bedrooms to make it lively for the young family family.

We serve a walk walk-inin-wardrobe in every bedroom with a huge bathing space making it looking grand. The earthy color palette makes it look rich and enhances its grandeur grandeur. The timeless black and white paintings cover the entire space making it a fascinating element for the members of the househouse. The different shades chosen for this project create a complete picture and mood for this residence residence. Quality textiles and soft leather upholstery along with artificial lighting enhance the details and make it feel like ‘HomeHome’ for anybody who comes to visit visit.

The most attractive and fun part of the entire house is the terrace floor comprising the Jacuzzi bathroom and a home theatre along with an open terrace garden allowing free movement of air air. This makes it look spacious and perfect for an amazing weather day day.

The main challenge for us was to be raw with exposed material and the client did not want any offset of any beam beam-column in an eye attraction attraction. But challenges help us perform the best way way. Maximum care was taken to allow the flow of daylight into the spaces spaces.Another challenge for us was to look at the placement of the lift and use the spaces around it in an efficient way to avoid any wastage. The family seating which acts as a welcoming space on the ground floor stays lit throughout the day giving out light and makes it airy .The whole space has high automation with centralized air air-conditioning with an everlasting feel good factor factor.

The freedom given to us by the client led us to experiment and explore the different possibilities and really understand the potential of the space space. The designing helped us to test our abilities and create the right kind of potential which helped us deliver the home of dreams dreams. It was a wonderful experience to have taken up such a project that helped us grow as a firm and individuals in general general.

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