Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
Année du projet

The Hive pavillion

RABATANALAB en tant que Architectes.

The hive is part of the masterplan Ipogea maintained by the city of AL Ain. The study scours and identifies new strategic vision for the redevelopment and upgrading of the area, where sustainability in combination with specific intervention has the rise as a model of Al Ain city oasis, where the integration of all is components historical, artistic, archaeological and nature are the basis of a multidimentional plan of urban oasis. A filter zone is designed around the urban periphery to shield the motorway network by palm trees , this identifying areas of protection and assigning to them the role of attractors.IN this context we find the hall witch ran parallel to the highway and helps to limit the spread to the urban areas of protection and lending area as refuge and knowledge (host traveling exhibitions) and leads towards nature. Is constructed of a structure composed of aluminium profiles of hexagonal shape mutually bolted whose design is inspired basins of the oases and the hive, also how this occupies the function of micro cities within the same. Each hex is framed by a carbon structure which underlies both the Kevlar fiber(woven with geometric patterns) and a filtering layer of protection to the same. Inside the profiles runs the piping system designed to coll both the interior and exterior through the use of water spray. To contribute to the interior comfort the floor is suspended and ventilated. The structure is extremely light, designed to be easily mounted(being each hex autonomous from the structural point of view)and is removable only being bolted to the lightweight platform that supports it.

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