Fernandez-Abascal & Muruzabal en tant que Architectes.

The project process was long, while the works were completed in just four months before the quick arrival of the gorillas. During the design process we studied different areas of the park to locate the building and we sketched multiple proposals. We also visited the expected gorilla families in a zoo located in South East London. We analyzed the behaviour of some users who were not accustomed, rereading the writings of Dian Fossey and Jordi Sabater Pi.

The program was adjusted with the zoo director and the park experts analyzing other similar construction in other zoos. The pavilion had to solve a dual role, it must provide a protected habitat for the gorillas and otherwise facilitate the perception to the park visitors. Because of it singularity and the specie scarcity, gorillas were going to become the main protagonists of the park and their “home" one of the most popular pavilions.

The typical karst landscape of the area and the unusual program difficult to use the common projectual tools we are used to. The pavilion appears as a free piece at the top of the park in a vacuum of space surrounded by the characteristic rocks with sharp points. The building has three natural openings, to the northeast, south and northwest which dialogue with the outstanding surroundings.

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