The Gallery

The Gallery

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Norbert Tukaj

The Gallery

YCL studio en tant que Architectes.

50 sq.m.apartment in Vilnius, Lithuania. The basic need for a young man was the possibility to have a contemporary living space with a small addition to it - to have his own place for little and growing collection of art pieces.

A sharp line crossing the apartment splits it into two zones. The first one is bright and sterile while the other is tranquil and cozy.

The very bright zone was the perfect place to have client’s home gallery. Continuous epoxy floor connects with shiny white wall and ceiling surfaces while theatrical spot lights bring concentrated light flashes to specific images or areas. Custom made furniture with restricted height remane as pedestals for some sculptures or anything alike.

On the other side of a split line we created a cozy home environment where surfaces were completely filled with wooden oak panels. Like a small chalet somewhere high in the mountains. A small cut between bedroom and bathroom gives a continuous wall feeling and brings a little shine of a natural light during the day time. The only wall in the wooden area was kept white because it was a part of a gallery. Because of that the wood was brought a bit to the gallery side just to remind that both sides work as single esthetical element in overall concept of the interior.

Aesthetical ensemble in one apartment.

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Electricity equipment – LS990 seriesJung HQ
Barstool - AAS 32 low soaped oak veneer - concrete greyHAY
Light Artemide
Fiche technique du produit
Barstool - AAS 32 low soaped oak veneer - concrete grey
AAS32 by HAY
Teti by Artemide
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