The Crescent

The Crescent

Darling Point NSW, Australia | View Map
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The Crescent, Darling Point

Articolo Lighting en tant que Lighting .

'For a sophisticated bespoke interior clearly influenced by its marine location overlooking Sydney Harbour, this luxury boutique three storey residential building is all about curves, rich architectural detailing and quality craftsmanship. Stand-out lighting features include a statement pendant over the marble-themed kitchen island, several unique wall lights and LED strips in the spacious basement car park.'

-Words via Est Lighting


This elegant home overlooking Sydney's harbour features the Articolo Float Hover Wall Sconce and Float Pendant, the Fizi Single and Triple Ball Wall Sconce and the Scandal Long Pendant. The Float is a signature Articolo collection which evokes opulence and grace. It is refined lighting informed by its glamorous design cues of a bygone era. Defined by its soaring cylindrical form, it floats with presence. 

The Fizi collection is mesmerising with the explosion of bubbles suspended in champagne’sque effervescence. Breathtaking shadow play when Fizi is lit. Wall and ceiling jewellery for the home. The unification of luxurious crafts exists through the Scandal Collection. Scandal casts a slim and finely considered silhouette. Notable for its barrel-like cuff and inlay Scandal’s elongated proportions are capped end-to-end by rounded mouthblown glass that conceals the light source, exemplifying the quiet brilliance of artisanal glass and metalwork.



Architecture by MHNDU

Design by Poco Design

Photography by Tom Ferguson


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