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The Cloud

Beijing, China
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The Cloud

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Yizhuang is a rather remote Business Development Area in the South-West of Beijing, between 5th and 6th express way ring, but connected with the city by a new subway line. Convenient for small and medium-sized enterprises who can establish their start-up headquarters at an affordable price. The challenge of this project located in the core area of Yizhuang was to create highly individual and representative office space between 1,000 and 5,000 m² for start-up companies, but in an 80-120m tall high-rise building with 130,000 m² floor area.

To make it more attractive for potential buyers, this high-rise building should integrate service facilities that other developments in the vicinity do not or cannot offer, furthermore have a strong and unique, icon-like image easy to remember by name and by its shape.

These requirements and goals find an answer in an utmost innovative building concept: The Cloud. A building that creates at the same time individuality and community feeling by its arena-like interior conveying a positive, optimistic working atmosphere and integrating attractive services in its podium and on its passable roofscape.

Compared with any kind of typical office tower, this building offers excellent possibilities of self-projection. Compared with neighboring conventional business parks, the Cloud creates a dense business atmosphere, and by fostering communication and exchange it provides the basis for creativity. It is the best expression of commitment to employees and city development.

Not only the envelope is innovative; it is the spatial concept as a whole: Every office is like an individual townhouse - surrounding a central atrium, with individual access from different galleries. The program provides a great flexibility of spaces which can rapidly and efficiently adapt to changes.

The cloud concept is innovative, creative, communicative, open-minded, future-oriented, self-confident and sustainable in itself.

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