The Big Cloud Center .

The Big Cloud Center .

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The formation of the large white cloud. Floating above the sea surface Arabic. Indian Ocean. Connected to the culture. Architecture to modern learning resources for mankind.

The Big Cloud. Project Natural Science Museum and ecosystems conservation. As a source of learning and caring environment in the future years 2025 to develop the area coastal Arab (Arabian Sea) south of India as a location Landmark important connection between foreign areas urban and sea And to discover new experiences of the sea to the people. " As a focal point for meeting people in both urban and tourist visitors.

Area of 120,000 square meters, large white clouds floating over the Arabian sea. In the area of Kerala state. Which is south of the Republic of India Flat coastal Arabian Sea (580 km), the Indian Ocean. IID>STUDIO DESIGN >BANGKOK is designed as an area of activities (Ice-Scape Zone) and exhibitions and cultural center of knowledge in Natural Eco-Garden dome and Edutainment Center, Imax 4-D movie, and stepping wave deep to the experience. to see the tunnel Arabian Underwater/ Museum. And a restaurant among the colorful coral and Fishes.

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