The Beautique Hotel Figueira

The Beautique Hotel Figueira

Nini Andrade Silva Atelier
Lisboa, Portugal | View Map
Nickolas Bayntung

Design as the soul of a building

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In the old town of Lisbon, at the "Praça da Figueira", is the 4-star Beautique Hotel Figuera. The lively entertainment district of the city, the Bairro Alto, is only a few minutes away. And the famous railway station Rossio is within walking distance.

The name Figueira (fig tree in English) not only gives the hotel its name, but is much more the motif for the complete interior design. The design was the responsibility of the prize-winning studio Nini Andrade Silva. As a symbol for the beauty of nature, an artificial fig tree grows through the complete building over all eight floors. Branches, leaves and fruit wind from the entrance via the guest rooms to the spa area and the roof terrace. The trunk of the fig tree breaks through all floors and also includes connecting functions such as lifts and staircases. In the spa area on the roof terrace, the guest can view the São Jorge castle as if through a hole in the tree.

Fig-tree motifs can be found on carpets, in the form of multimedia light installations or leaves the size of a wall over the beds of the hotel guests. Even the ceiling high washstands with their avant-garde appearance are in the form of half a fig. As a result of the consistency of the design, the fig tree has become the centre, the soul of the hotel. The team of the Nini Andrade Silva studio has succeeded in creating a very special atmosphere and has set exciting trends that come from the contrasts between tradition and modern.

A tension that is also found in the change between the different materials and textures and in the colour concept. The fresh tones of the figs and their leaves are combined with dark tones. Clear green glass surfaces in the shower area contrast with dark wooden floors. The trunk of the fig tree with its smoothed, shimmering bronze surface adds a mystical, elegant character to the ambience.

The electrical installation by JUNG in the classic LS 990 switch design in black adapts itself to the elegant design of the hotel. The JUNG music station provides individual entertainment in the rooms as a docking station for an MP3 player, iPod and iPhone.

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