The Animal Party

The Animal Party


Dylan Perrenoud

The Animal Party in Milan

HEAD – Genève, Geneva School of Art and Design en tant que Éducateurs.

For its 6th participation in the Milan Furniture Fair, HEAD – Genève, Geneva School of Art and Design, and its students invite you to The Animal Party. This title refers jointly to the celebration of animals, to a political party for the protection of their interests and to the inverted eponymous expression The Party Animal. The twenty-five products, accessories, spaces, jewellery, clothing and furniture, ranging from unique pieces to series and from the built form to the digital interface, offer the chance to establish new everyday relationships with our companion animals, birds or exotic pets. With great formal and expressive freedom, these original projects explore a sensitive and contemporary issue.

Ranging from a lounge henhouse that permits cohabitation within a single space to a nest whose tubular structure accommodates according to the seasons a striped jersey, an oilskin, a trench coat, etc. to protect your dog from sunshine and showers, together with a modular rodent cage that can be clipped anywhere onto the famous Billy shelves, as well as a love hotel for pigeons, an openwork leather ruff-collar, a fashion accessory that conceals slim catmint cartridges placed strategically to attract your beloved’s recalcitrant cat and so discreetly resolve that infernal relationship crisis and finally a vivarium for artificial animals, The Animal Party by the Bachelor’s and Master’s design students at HEAD – Genève invites you to consider how design can make a real difference.

An exhibition that brings together students from the Bachelor’s courses in Interior Architecture, from the Fashion, Jewellery and Accessory Design courses and from the Master’s in Design Spaces and Communication and Media Design courses and the Master’s in Fashion and Accessory Design courses.

A project curated by Alexandra Midal and produced during a workshop directed by Mathieu Bassée, with the participation of Marco Borraccino. An exhibition design led by Noam Toran and Arno Mathies and signage created under the direction of Ruedi Baur by students on the Spaces & Communication course of the Master’s in Design.

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