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      The idea of this project happens when the owner of the fabric textile warehouse needs a transformation in order to make a direct sell to customers who looking for a good quality, design, with an affordable price.
      The designer decided to use an "Pop-Art" style to cooperate in this design, because it is easy understand and connect to a daily life. The design of a logo is using a simple line and notable color. The designer also keep an original shelfs and design along with it.
With a unique design, the designer wants to make a connection of the source of production which is looming factory and the front store together.
      The store devides into 2 parts, the first part is the front of the store that is for show casing products and samples with a movable cart to put a sample in in order to easy to re-arrange a sample.
      The second part is the back of the store which is play a role as a display of a fabric. A looming machine is place in the middle of the room to display the a large fabric with a shelf under the looming machine to store other fabrics. The back wall is acting like a storing rack in a factory to display all fabrics.
      All of this is an intention from the owner and designer to show customers a good quality and great design fabric that comes directly from the factory.

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