Textile bamboo structures for open-air events

Textile bamboo structures for open-air events

Bambutec Design
Av. Lúcio Costa, 1952 - Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22630-010, Brazil | View Map
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Textile bamboo structures for open-air events

Bambutec Design en tant que Architectes.

Bambutec designed textile bamboo structures for the open-air sporting event Rio Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Mobile and deployable structures were built at seaside public spaces as Copacabana, Arpoador, Ipanema, Joatinga and Barra da Tijuca beaches, among others. The structures apply treated bamboo poles, tensile membranes and flexible joints. Bioclimatic bamboo tents made of cotton fabrics and acrylic membranes covered a total area of 820 sqm, rapidly mounted and dismounted by a team of skilled bamboo builders. Bamboo tents create bioclimatic spaces due to the applied biomaterials and to the properties of passage of the air and protection for sun and rain, which is an important aspect for roof structures in the tropical climate. Cotton and acrylic membranes kept the structures aired, permeable and fresh. Anchorages for different type of soils were developed for asphalt, concrete, earth and sand. Our design team developed tents, space frames, displays and supports applying tensile and self-supporting systems with lightness, low environmental impact and a low-carbon emission lifecycle. Bionics, permeability and the use of bio-based materials were guiding concepts for the design of structures which connects the city and environment.

project info

architecture and design: Bambutec - Mario Seixas, João Bina, Patrick Stoffel

scenography: Antoine Olivier, Fernanda Loureiro, Leo Jara

client: Rio de Negócios

sponsor: Oi telephone company

location: Rio de Janeiro

building area: 820 sqm 

completion: 2018

photography: Juan Dias and Kadeh Ferreira

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Supply of acrylic and cotton membranesLocomotiva
Supply of treated moso bamboo polesTakê Cortinas e Artefatos de Bambu
Fiche technique du produit
Supply of acrylic and cotton membranes
Supply of treated moso bamboo poles
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