Tetris Hall Lobby

Tetris Hall Lobby

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Tetris Hall Lobby

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The lobby in an elite residential complex is an aesthetic pleasure at first sight, sophisticated and inspiring.


The first impression is the strongest, this rule applies to both people and objects. The lobby area is a kind of a guide, demonstrating the philosophy and style of the building. That is why the design pays special attention to the formation of the main "impression" of the entrance areas in residential complexes. This trend is clearly reflected in the Tetris Hall lobby project, which was created by KAN Development and the architectural bureau MONO architects.


Today, the functionality of public areas has expanded significantly: it is not just an entrance lobby in front of the elevator, but a place for communication. The Tetris Hall has created an interior that matches the lobby of a 5-star hotel.


In just six months, the project team managed to implement an interior project with two-level ceilings and a record area of 645 meters, where residents meet their neighbours, hold business meetings and relax in the lounge areas after a working day with a glass of prosecco and a book in their hands.


On the territory of the Tetris Hall residential complex, there is its own park with an area of more than 5 thousand sq.m. MONO united nature inside the premises with the help of large live trees, work with colour, textures, and light.


The functional zoning has been carefully worked out, as a result, space harmoniously performs several functions at the same time.


There is a place both to retire for one person and to comfortably accommodate groups of up to 6 people. The lounge area is isolated and visually separated from the transit area by living plants, upholstered furniture, carpets and floor lamps.


Man is one with nature even in a metropolis, and light is an important factor for a comfortable life. Therefore, KAN, together with MONO architects and Expolight, developed various lighting scenarios and introduced innovative biodynamic lighting. At each time of the day, there is a script that supports the circadian rhythms of a person: in the morning - bright, awakening light, in the afternoon - neutral, even, in the evening - muffled, relaxing. The decorative light box behind the reception also changes shades and intensity of light according to the time of day, being cooler in the morning, neutral during the day and warmer, amber in the evening. The pattern of light spots on the floor changes in each scenario from soft and subtle to contrasting and emphasizing.


The theme of unity with nature is enhanced by the natural colours of the refined interior. The walls are made of porcelain stoneware tiles resembling a cut of the stone. The ceiling is made of aluminium slats with the application of a special film, which is similar to the texture of wood, and in tone is close to the fire-resistant veneer used for sheathing the columns. Lounge music playing in the lobby complements the atmosphere and allows to achieve harmony.


Reference. This is not the first collaboration between KAN Development and the best architectural firms in Ukraine. Earlier, together with MONO architects, the lobby of the B12 business campus in the UNIT.City innovation park and the design of public areas for the Respublika residential complex were implemented.

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