TEN Studio Coworking

TEN Studio Coworking

NAM Arquitectura
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José Hevia

TEN Studio Coworking

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This COWORKING space has allowed us to rethink what a shared workplace should be. The tables are the main elements of the activity, becoming the only dividing and organizing elements of the space. A space that has simply been cleaned and exposed, showing the structure and its original materials and traces of what it had been before. The pine wood in three-layer board brings warmth to the space and solves all the other elements such as the kitchen area, rest areas, stairs and lockers.


The space we found initially was an old art shop and it was all covered in plaster layers, reducing the space in every direction, especially reducing the height, and hiding the character of the building, built around 1930 with bricks and casted steel columns.


Our job was focused on removing all the make-up from the space and discover all the traces that where hiding underneath. That lead us to bring more light to the 4 meters main room trough the two old storefront windows.


We used five tables as the main elements to organize the work space, leaving one in the first area, the kitchen area, and four to the work area. Another four small tables where set on the upper floor, in the meeting area, allowing the users to move the tables as they need, of creating another big one.


The materials used in the intervention are basically wood for all the furniture, kitchen, shelves, lockers… and steel for the structures, the tables, stairs and upper floor.

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