Temporary Pavilion IX Bienal de Arquitectura

Temporary Pavilion IX Bienal de Arquitectura

Rosario, Argentina | View Map

Temporary Pavilion IX Bienal de Arquitectura, Rosario, Argentina

AABB / Associated Architects Beyond Borders en tant que Abris.

The project provides a semi-enclosed space modulated from the dimensions of structural steel sections and MDF panels. Modulation will facilitate the assembly and disassembly of the different parts and the subsequent recovery of the structure while retaining the integrity of the material for reuse. The material for floor, ceiling and pivoting panels is cut MDF without waste. The construction system is self-supporting so that the surface of the Estevez Boero Square is not altered by the temporary intervention of the pavilion. Sustained by the metal reticular structure, a series of squares are provided to rotate with climate variations, forming a wall that will graphically abstract the wind patterns from Paraná River and its surroundings. From inside, the project provides a filter between city and river, framing the views as a link between the natural environment and the built space through the natural manifestations of the wind. The project has been designed according to market prices in Rosario City, counting each item in current costs, and ensuring that the proposal remains on the proposed budget.

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