Temporary Isolation units and treatment facility

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Temporary Isolation units and treatment facility for COVID19 patients

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The world is battling against the newly discovered Coronavirus or COVID19. It is a viral disease causing respiratory illness. People with medical conditions such as diabetes, respiratory disease, cardiovascular diseases, cancer etc. are more likely to be in a serious condition due to COVID-19. We all know that, “Prevention is better than cure”. There is no vaccine or specific treatment to cure Coronavirus disease patients at this time. So the best way to control the virus is to know how to control its transmission. At this point, we are all advised to stay at home and make the best use of our time.  

Since the COVID-19 virus is airborne, it is wise to cover your face while sneezing or coughing. Maintain a distance of at least 3 feet amongst people, avoid social gatherings and wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds. Above all, not touching the face often, Use of a mask while outdoors, is also an effective preventive measure to prevent the Coronavirus. The concept has won a competition organized by IIT Bombay which was later exhibited online and offline in a few countries worldwide. 

Many hospitals worldwide are in crisis as they are short of beds and other medical equipment for Covid19 patients. So I was wondering if I could create a temporary yet efficient treatment facility that requires less time to erect. I came up with the idea of Self erecting modular airframe tent. These tents are made with medical grade plastic and are mobile. As hospitals are running out of space, outdoor medical service is the only practical way to recovery. The modular design plays a ‘plug n play’ role and being temporary, any vacant land can be put to use. These tents can be installed as an Extension of existing hospital or any other structure.

These Medical grade inflatable tents are not only convenient and safe; there is flexibility of assembling or disassembling these tents in minutes. The quality of being waterproof and windproof, airframe inflatable tents are more desirable in terms of privacy and space. The inflatable airframe tents also have enough room for medical equipment and serve the purpose of proper isolation of high risk Coronavirus infected patients.

There are primarily two zones, the ICU or isolation units with 2 sleepers in a tent. The isolation units accommodates of one or two patients depending on need. Low risk zone is for people who are not in critical condition and contains a portable WC with 8 sleepers in each zone. The convenience of these modules is the flexibility of additions to have more beds according to need. There can be two or more ‘in between’ zones among two isolation units for emergency medical services and medicine supply. This is possible only due to the concept of temporary structure.

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