Tektos Concept Store - © 2014 OVA Studio Ltd.

Tektos Concept Store - © 2014 OVA Studio Ltd.

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Tektos Concept Store - © 2014 OVA Studio Ltd.

OVA Studio Ltd en tant que Architectes.

In the last 5 years, Tektos has grown into a leading manufacturer of power & data category products. The strategic locations of Tektos in Hong Kong and Guangdong provide an ideal one stop service hub for securing operational and manufacturing services along with supply chain optimization from Asia.

Tektos commissioned OVA Studio in March 2014 to develop a concept store where their products will be displayed in away that is more engaging and natural than what the retail industry has to propose today for this specific market.

OVA studio approach was based on dividing the retail space into experience zones, playing with organic shapes and colors to identify the brand and the product categories, as well as giving the customer walks/stops opportunities in the shop.

Below the 5 points that we developed in the design: 1/ Create an environment/atmosphere which is more organic, contemporary and flowing in nature introducing calm and engaging shapes. 2/ Spaces are separated into different product zones allowing people to explore the shop longer and in a smarter way. 3/ Technologies/AR Screens/interactive gadgets/graphic displays/holograms are integrated to enhance customer & brand experience. 4/ The two volcanic shape fixtures are mainly for customer to understand more of the company/brand. (providing background info) 5/ The back-wall is an experience zone, giving opportunities for different ways to display the different products Tektos have, that can highlight and interact with customers.

Client : Tektos Limited, Hong Kong http://tektosworld.com/corp/

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