tehrani stone complex

tehrani stone complex

shenakhteh studio
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tehrani stone complex

shenakhteh studio en tant que Architectes.

This project's approach, which is a place to display and sell stone slab products, goes beyond creating a showroom. It tries to give the audience a choice by being in space and sensory experience of using stone material in the building as an artistic object.

The project is an annex to a newly constructed shed, after which the employer intends to add an office, a residential section, as well as an exhibition space. As a result, the connection that the add-on unit establishes with the existing shed becomes important and in many decisions affects the overall form of the project and the placement of the spaces. 

The project is located in Shams Abad Industrial Town. In a context where most sheds and shops work in the field of stone materials. The issue of competition, in addition to being an opportunity for the employer, is a challenge for designer to create a sense of invitation to the audience.

Since human experience during the 19th and early 20th centuries showed that creating polluted industrial spaces without human scale is not the answer to design for today, it is tried to create spatial diversity, charm, comfort, beauty, colors and harmony in the workplace to consider the workforce, which is an important component in the design of industrial and production buildings.

The employer's goal was the dynamic formation of production, sales and residence spaces, which are formed by playing with the height of the levels, a continuous relationship between these spaces. 

Excessive use of concrete in the exterior to induce a sense of negativity in contrast to the volume of glass that surrounds the lobby of the complex is to invite the audience around the building on the other hand, the neutral color of the concrete helps the stones to look better.

The retreat of the building on the site and its dimensions are in the way that in addition to following the form of the shed, do not distort the sky line created by the shed and also according to the orientation of the site, result in the entrance of the desired light in the spaces at different times.

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