Josep Maria Molinos


Alonso Balaguer y Arquitectos Asociados en tant que Architectes.

The first premise of the Project is the location of the Convention Center and itsadjacent program, in order to arrange a great diaphanous hall of 7.200 m2; thesecond premise looks after its optimum performance. Connections and relationsamong the different pieces of the program are a key component in the project.Our architecture seeks, strengthens and gives a clear differential value to theperimeter external location of all facility cores, vertical communication,emergency stairs, bathrooms… in order to make possible the freeing of centralspace, giving maximum flexibility to future adaptations of the functionalprogram.

The exterior space has an outdoor auditorium for one thousand people, visuallyrelated to the access hall. The lobby will be a diaphanous space, with enoughheight to connect the sights of the first floor foyer.The Convention Center program is formally unified by a great flat roof thatshelters the complex entirely. Due to its characteristics of size and proximity tothe airport, this roof is meant to be the fifth façade of the building, and is beingtreated as such. Apart from its function of solar energy and rainwater collector, italso works as a communication agent (through ads) of the events that might bescheduled in the complex.

This metallic roof, as well as understanding the building as an interrelatedspace, will also contain the necessary facilities and will project shadows andlights that recall the Mediterranean Sea, giving the set a modern image with acontext.

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