Tatra banka / New design of branches

Tatra banka / New design of branches

AT26 architects

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Tatra banka / Innovations WILL change your world.

AT26 architects en tant que Architectes.

Tatra banka (Member of Raiffeisen Bank International) is one of the leaders in bank segment in Slovakia for very long time, most precisely around 100 years. It is also known as a leader in bank technologies and inovations in Slovak republic and in Europe as well too.

Our effort as a designers, was to create branch design which will provide clients with unexpected experience and inspire him in friendly environment, as well as to enhance emotive world of Tatra banka brand within the branch space so support the bank position as innovative leader on the Slovak market.

As a design lenguage we used straight lines and shapes of interior elements, combine with natural materials such as wood and stone, supplemented with "posh" black color. All this material atributes also displays and support all necessary functionality of bank braches.

​​We designed a highly modern, stylish and innovative branch design concept to reflect the innovation leadership of our client. With our modular approach, implementations into all existing sizes and types of bank branches. We converted the waiting time to up-selling and learning by introduction of interactive touch points into the in-store customer journey.

Design team contained of two independent companies at26, s.r.o. and 3070, a.s. united in one uniqe consortium.

Design of Tatra banka´s new branches was awarded with Iconic Awards 2017 in category Interior.

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