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IlmioDESIGN en tant que Concepteurs.

Underground club atmosphere, glamor of the 30s and live music. This is Tatel, a restaurant full of rhythm, with an unique identity. Located at number 36 Paseo de la Castellana, it will become a reference in the restoration of the capital, because of its innovative staging and its menu.

The architectural and interior design study ILMIODESIGN has made the conceptualization and creative direction. The knowhow of the Italian Michele Corbani and Andrea Spada, has resulted in a dynamic and elegant space equally.

Paired with the project since its inception, ILMIODESIGN has created for this restaurant a totally different look and feel. A suit for the most ambitious project of the experts in leisure and restaurant Blue Marlin and Ushuaia. The union of their expertise and knowhow will consolidate it as the largest export project of the traditional Spanish cuisine.

In the words of Michele Corbani, "Tatel has been a big challenge because we wanted to create something unique. A restaurant which can change the way of enjoying, where you can live a new experience. Tatel is intended to be an icon of Madrid, with international spirit ".



According to the own Michele Corbani, "the idea was to create a space with a completely new aesthetic in Madrid, inspired by the underground clubs of the 30s. In these rooms there was always something different, so the spirit of Tatel is so dynamic; It is a unique spectacle in itself" .

With the idea of conceiving the speakeasy of the century, ILMIODESIGN has done in Tatel a contemporary review of the famous clubs emerged during the era of Prohibition. His unmistakable style combines the elegant aesthetics of the 30s and 50s with a very modern twist.

Sophistication and quality create a rich and warm environment, but without ostentation or superfluous elements. As pointed Andrea Spada, "in Tatel live in harmony handcrafted details, memory of a bygone era and contemporary design. So we've created many pieces exclusively for the space and combined it with other design icons ".

And in this particular environment, subtle winks to Spanish culture are integrated in the form of murals, that remember so friendly and present the most recognizable of our idiosyncrasy.

A space in which the five senses are activated and memory checks  thousands of images that appear in the classic film noir without finding anything like it.


The Space

There are two spatial cues that give character to the space. First, the fluidity of its approach in which exterior and interior are fully integrated. And, secondly, its distribution. An exercise of interior architecture that leverages the diaphanous space to turn it into a place where from anywhere you have a panoramic view of the entire restaurant.

This uniqueness enhances a new way of living and sharing "social intimacy". In Tatel customers feel the privacy of a single space without implying be isolated or detained. In Tatel, is freedom who makes a difference with the old underground clubs.

A style, four atmospheres

The local 800 m2 are divided into four interconnected areas whose appearance subtly sophisticated as we go deeper.

We start from the access area, conceived as a large covered terrace, a veranda that communicates with the Paseo de la Castellana through large windows. It includes a gourmet market with products and unabashed restoration area. Portuguese cobblestone pavement that welcomes us continues largely unifying local spaces.

Then, we access the lounge bar area with high tables, stools and sofas. A place designed to socialize and enjoy the Tatel experience in a more informal way. The bar, with a length of 12 meters, made of zinc and pearly marble is the soul of this area. Beside the bar, several mobile podium allow musicians to be between the audience during live performances.

Between the bar and the restaurant is the Tatel icon: the spectacular round DJ booth made of copper serves as a natural division of space. A scenario that will allow DJs have a 360 contact view with the public.

After the cabin and raised on three steps, we found the food court. Framed by two large padded sofas, gains in elegance and distinction. Behind him, a higher level still, the five private areas of Tatel are distributed. Five spaces created with its own identity, in harmony with the rest of the decor.

Each private area with a different character in which to have meetings or the most exclusive celebrations. Five spaces ranging from the hippest bookstore, with marble fireplace, to clandestine privé with exclusive access through the kitchen.

Lighting plays a key role in the setting of space. Conceived in low key creates an intimate atmosphere, with an original amber tone. According to Andrea Spada, "I really like the effect that occurs when natural daylight enters and leaves the local mixing with the amber light inside. According night falls, creates a unique atmosphere. " It is controlled by a complex computer system, it is based on the idea of ​​mood lighting that creates different nuances depending on time of day.



The variety of materials used by ILMIODESIGN in Tatel is as rich as surprising. In the words of the creators "we have fused metal, marble and stones, walnut wood and patterned glass. The result: a subtle balance and a different atmosphere that makes us relive the magical era of the thirties"

Stone materials deserve a special mention. The elegance and strength of these materials have led us to connect with a large company, Grupo Cosentino, global, family-owned and Spanish company, which produces and distributes innovative high value surfaces for the world of architecture and design. Cosentino Group has allowed us to provide solutions to all proyectuales needs through its brands Silestone®, a leading brand in quartz surfaces, Scalea® which includes natural products such as marble, granite, slate and quartzite or Prexury®, prepared surfaces from semiprecious stones.

Both, the marble and natural stones Scalea® and the Prexury®, are reserved for tabletops and bars placed around the premises. As noted Andrea Spada, "with them we wanted to get a unique effect where diners sit. We have used marble emperor, green quartzite, pearl, black Marquina and semi precious stones like onyx and white Prexury®. Slide the palm on their surfaces is a special feeling, expression of an incomparable naturalness ". In the kitchen we used for placated, hood and countertops, Silestone quartz surface colors Dreis and Helix. Silestone® has great beauty and excellent technical qualities as hygiene, high resistance to stains, impacts and scratches, low absorption of liquids. Our idea was to create a homely atmosphere with the dimensions and characteristics of an industrial space. When the client, from the room, looks around, can breathe the essence of the old kitchen of grandmothers.

Is striking the cobblestone floor. In the words of Michele Corbani, "we wanted to use the cobblestones in black and white tones inspired by the Portuguese roads. Specifically the 5x5x5, irregularly. Besides being a very aesthetic ground it allows us to break the classical barrier between interior and exterior. And we have taken a step further by also using it vertically, lining walls, high baseboards and the front bar. "

Coexists with cobblestones wooden floor. Glued installation floorboards Mafi Vulcano Domino model in Larch, composed of compact wood blocks (40 * 40mm), together with a network of parquet tiles 400 * 200 * 19 mm. For the floor restaurant and private, as Andrea Spada, "we have chosen compact wooden square blocks, 4x4 cm, brought directly from Austria. The peculiarity is that the veins and detoning of natural wood give the soil a distinct, uniform image but at the same time, heterogeneous; which gives a strong visual impact. "

Another wood that is especially important in the project is the walnut, according to Michele Corbani, "it is our favorite dark wood in ILMIODESIGN by its nobility and veining. It is considered the finest of between US hard varieties. With it we have made the great wine rack bar and the furniture market that welcomes whoever enters Tatel".

Finally, metals are also present in Tatel, bringing their touch of glamor and class. The highlight is the atypical fusion ILMIODESIGN made of gold, copper or zinc. Matt and glossy coexist creating a peculiar game of nuances. 

Quite a show

The other ILMIODESIGN challenge faced was to create a versatile and flexible space that could accommodate the planned actions. Because Tatel is much more than a gastronomic temple. It is practically a scenario where diners experience at ringside each performance, while taste the best of traditional Spanish cuisine.

Walls with lots of art


Another remarkable aspect in decorating Tatel is the interesting use that has been given to the artistic elements, transcending the ornamental function. Its exposed brick walls and wood have a peculiar collection of murals by the artist Labasse. In his own words: "I have sought to translate the Spanish essence through murals depicting from the simplest things in Spanish identity to the most recognizable cultural icons. There is space for the humblest and most sophisticated. In this context we recognize all ". Undoubtedly, the finishing touch that gives a very personal character to this new space created by ILMIODESIGN.

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