Tasman House, London

Tasman House, London

Buckley Gray Yeoman
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Tasman House Londen

EUROLACKE en tant que Powder Coatings.

In the heart of West End London, on 59-65 Wells Street, you will find a modern building named Tasman House. The ground floor is largely retail with a separately demised grand reception area leading to six upper floors of commercial office space.

The beautifully crafted façade immediately attracts the attention. Glass panels are framed by bronze anodized aluminium and alternated with blinds, rainscreens and Glass fiber Reinforced Concrete (GRC) panels. The project is also featured with 13 bespoke glass and aluminum doors and a 4.3 tall glass tourniquet. The architectural design is by Buckley Gray Yeoman.

The unique facade is finished with a powder coating of EUROLACKE.

The powder coating used in this project is the Polyester Architectural AE300C-4900420, RAL 9004 Signal Black. Polyester Architectural is a standard durability TGIC free and lead free polyester powder coating, especially formulated for application on aluminum extrusion and sheets, steel and galvanized steel substrates. Polyester Architectural meets the requirements of the building industry thanks to its excellent outdoor durability and mechanical properties. The powder coating meets the requirments of Qualicoat Class 1 and is GSB approved. 

Usage area:

* Aluminum profiles and sheets

* Veranda’s, doors, window frames, facades

* Urban furniture

* Steel of galvanized steel for cladding. 

More information: www.eurolacke.nl.

Source: Octatube

Photographer: Richard Leeney


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